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Self-Guided Curriculum Helps Teens Ride into a Safer Future

A virtual curriculum, to give teenagers tools to identify road risks and learn how fully self-driving technology could present a safety solution.

Partnered with Waymo, SADD & MADD


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slow streets on lake

Cycling advocates suggest ‘slow streets’ for rapid change in road safety

In the U.S., many cities are piloting ways to reduce and slow the flow of vehicle traffic. Cities in California and Oregon have developed “slow street” corridors that emphasize exercise, community connection, and safety over congestion, speeding, and pollution.


Seeing is believing: How Phoenix residents feel about self-driving tech

On behalf of Let’s Talk Self-Driving, ALG Research recently conducted a survey of more than 200 Phoenix residents who identified as being informed about and favorable toward self-driving technology to better assess how their understanding affected their acceptance.

hero everyday-driving

Can Fully Autonomous Vehicles Help Drive Away Stress?

Can self-driving cars help drive away stress?

Car Crashes Don’t Seem Preventable – But Are They?

What if we developed technology that could help prevent car crashes from happening in the first place?

Santos and Tom Egan riding in a Waymo

Key Conversations: How To Have ‘The Talk’ About When to Stop Driving

Many caregivers and family members wrestle with when and how to have a conversation with an aging parent or loved one about whether it’s safe for them to continue operating a car. They may be asking the questions: how old is too old to drive? How should I talk with my parents about when to stop driving? Is it okay to take the keys away from an aging parent? 


New AP Stylebook Guidance Clarifies Language We Use About Self-Driving

The Associated Press Stylebook, long used as a touchstone for guidance on correct use of language in news, announced a historic update that is sure to clarify and shape conversations around self-driving technology and autonomous vehicles.