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Self-Guided Curriculum Helps Teens Ride into a Safer Future

A virtual curriculum, to give teenagers tools to identify road risks and learn how fully self-driving technology could present a safety solution.

Partnered with Waymo, SADD & MADD


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Denny Barney at the PHX East Valley Partnership

Self-Driving on Main Street: Technology, Business Development & Growth in Phoenix’s East Valley

Let’s Talk Self-Driving spoke with Denny Barney, president and CEO of the PHX East Valley Partnership, about the region’s dynamic economic development, how self-driving is playing a role in its growth as a tech hub, and how the pandemic is affecting the community.

Car Crashes Don’t Seem Preventable – But Are They?

What if we developed technology that could help prevent car crashes from happening in the first place?

Santos and Tom Egan riding in a Waymo

Key Conversations: How To Have ‘The Talk’ About When to Stop Driving

Many caregivers and family members wrestle with when and how to have a conversation with an aging parent or loved one about whether it’s safe for them to continue operating a car. They may be asking the questions: how old is too old to drive? How should I talk with my parents about when to stop driving? Is it okay to take the keys away from an aging parent? 

tom 2

Meeting Seniors' Needs During a Pandemic

Tom Egan, president & CEO of Phoenix-area nonprofit Foundation for Senior Living, describes how FSL adapted to deliver services in completely new ways amid the pandemic.

Car Timeline Updated

10 Innovations That Make Driving Safer, and What Comes Next

June is National Safety Month, an important time to continue the dialogue about road safety, how far we’ve come, and where we are going.

waymo-riding-into-a-safer-future FB

Ride Into a Safer Future: A Self-Driving Curriculum

Learn what every teenager should know about road safety and get an inside look at the future of fully self-driving technology with this self-guided curriculum for high schoolers.